Lake County Circuit Court (Small Claims) Judge

         Awards Damages in 13SC5244

In June 2014, Lake County Circuit Court Judge Simonian hears a lawsuit filed by Kirk and Cindy Denz against the Wooster Lake Conservation & Control Association.  8 counts of fraud, clouding of title, various abuses of power, and resulting damages are alleged in the small claims Court.  As overwhelming evidence submitted also indicates admission of guilt from the Defendant, the Court awards the Plaintiffs with the "full amount available to the Defendant".

3rd amended complaint 13SC5244.pdf               Circuit Court Order_13SC5244_6-19-2014.pdf

The defendant - a bogus association created by others so as to be the umbrella organization for the scam - was the entity sued in this instance.   The bogus association has now been involuntarily dissolved by the Illinois Secretary of State.

But the fraud lives on as serial liars within other associations and a village with the backing of a corrupt County Board Member relentlessly continue to disseminate such phony restrictions of the lake properties via the Recorder of Deeds Office and the internet.