1992 - Illinois Appellate Court ruling: Will County v. Naperville

                            Will County v. Naperville - 1992.pdf

           In summary, this court ruled it is unlawful for any (municipal) corporation to zone against private                            properties located beyond the corporation's borders.  Article 7 of the Municipal Code is                                              superseded by Article 11 of that same Code, which prohibits extraterritorial zoning.  Such adopted                          restrictions are illegal.  Again the bullies trying to zone extraterritorally lost.

1962 - Illinois Supreme Court ruling:  Lake County & Wooster Lake Improvement Assc. v MacNeal

                           Lake County & Wooster Lake Improvement Assc vs. MacNeal.pdf

            In summary, the association's and county's attempts to restrict by ordinance the recreational lake rights of the private Wooster Lake                       owner and the owner's guests were ruled unlawful by this court.  Such ordinances are illegal.

            The bullies at the county and association lost.

1988 - Illinois Supreme Court ruling: Beacham v. Lake Zurich Property Owners Assc.

                           Beacham v Lake Zurich Prop Owners Assc - 1988.pdf

           In summary, this court ruled associations which do not legally have the entire private lake within its corporate borders have no                          authority to adopt or apply any special restrictions against lake property owners or their guests who by state law have the right                          to recreate everywhere on the entire private lake.  Such restrictions are illegal.  The bullies at the association lost.

Pre-1994:  Court Rulings To Be Skirted Later By Local Government in Lake County

                                                          & State-Registered, Lake-Adjacent Associations