Grant Township's Role In The Problem

On October 30, 2013, expert appraiser Charles Walsh opines that lakes with restrictions are diminished in market value by "20-40%".  A bonified diminishing of value when restricted.  Walsh explains some Wooster Lake property owners disagree but are deeply "entangled" in dispute with the government and associations.

On January 22, 2014, expert appraiser Walsh provides a signed affidavit to the Court in Lake County - case 13SC5244 - testifying to his October 30, 2013 opinion, again highlighting lake properties are devalued 20-40% because of restrictions claimed, specifically citing recorded filings such as 5094179.  See Exhibit 14 in 13SC5244

In 2015, after being confronted about claimed restrictions on Wooster, the Grant Assessor Office writes a letter confirming restrictions on Wooster, based on "homeowner association covenants" filed at the County.  Confronted further, the Grant Office begins its flip flopping, going from historically assessing Wooster properties as restricted to not restricted -without a Declaratory Judgment.  This amounts to nothing more than posturing, however as the State's Attorney wrote in January 2015 the Grant Assessor is not vested with the authority to supersede what is officially filed in the Recorder's Office about Wooster properties.  The State's Attorney confirms a Declaratory Judgment from a judge is what is still needed as of 2015 to supersede the restrictions still filed in the Recorder's Office, per Fox Lake ordinance 2001-52.

This assessment chart signed by the Grant Assessor in 2014- when compared to the IDNR's 2013 official status of the same lakes - indicates Grant's assessments conflict with the State's status of the same lakes, indicating not only Wooster Lake properties but also Duck Lake properties and Brandenburg Lake properties are in dispute.  IDNR official list of restricted lakes   

In Nov 2014, several Wooster Lake property owners with Charles Walsh's appraisals reveal the problem to the Lake County Board of Appeals.  That Board is lied to repeatedly by the Grant Assessor Barr and Deputy Assessor Spencer, successfully convincing that Board to initially reject the appeals.  Upon escalating the issue to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB), the Lake County Board of Appeals just months later reconsiders and -seemingly acknowledging the damages allegedly caused by the scam - concedes to the diminished property values, including as exactly highlighted by Charles Walsh.   This is one such example in November 2015 of Grant Township being proven completely wrong with their assessment and the property owners winning their escalated challenge.  Just more evidence Grant Township is in fact neck deep in this scam.