Unresolved Environmental Issue of 

Phosphorus Pollution

In 2004, Lakes Management - a division of the Lake County, IL Health Department - released a "2003 Wooster Lake Summary Report" highlighting the "inputs" (pollutants) are the single "greatest threat" to Wooster Lake.  Specifically highlighted on page 26 of Lake Management's report is the enormous amount of phosphorus coming from upstream and spilling into Wooster as one such "input".


Wooster Lake 

In February 2005, Lakes Management released a presentation, providing measurements of phosphorus spilling into Wooster Lake. Up to 20.5 pounds per day of phosphorus were measured polluting Wooster Lake at just one measuring site.

Wooster Presentation by Lakes Mgmt - Feb 2005.pdf

Instead of Lake County and adjacent municipalities addressing that problem like any good government would, a different problem suddenly emerged, a problem that threatened to expose politicians' shady deals made s​ince 2001.  Sadly - but true to form in corrupt Illinois - the politicians' problem took precedence over the real problems...........

...and in September 2005 the lying politicians and pals went viral with their Wooster Lake Fish Tales. 

Sep 1, 2004, County Board Member Bonnie Carter accepted a $5,000 campaign contribution from a nursery upstream from Wooster Lake.  The Daily Herald reported the nursery has admitted to using phosphorus.

     9-1-2004 $5000 Campaign Contribution Accepted        by Bonnie Thomson Carter.pdf

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