** This incriminating 2/3rds email string was obtained via FOIA.  The  Village of Round Lake refuses to provide the missing "Page 1" which continues through "4/10/2006" and is also now refusing to redistribute pages 2 & 3 as previously distributed, requesting for pages 2 & 3 to be destroyed.  Pages are in reverse order as email typically prints out. **

After village attorney James Magee advised the village 9/6/2005 not to adopt Carter's solicited ordinance, lawsuit 06 MR 370 was filed 6 months later in March 2006 against the V of Round Lake alleging the illegality of the ordinance 05-O-27.  Attorney Magee March 22, 2006 emails Bonnie Carter at her county email address, soliciting financing from Carter and Lake County i.e. MONEY to defend the ill-advised, illegal ordinance that was reinforcing the original fraud.  Commissioner Carter first responding from her county email address provides more misleading info and lies repeatedly, but in her response Commissioner Carter again references (highlighted in orange) what she had previously cited in Sep 2006 at both villages Round Lake and Fox Lake when asking for the village ordinance:  

      1.  Carter knows buyers of properties who bought from developments have bought into these (phony) declarations of restrictions recorded and placed against their titles.

      2.  Carter repeats she has the Fox Lake Mayor on board to join in on this reinforcement ordinance

      3.  Carter - not an attorney - provided the village(s) with false legal advice: that statute 65 ILCS 5/7-4-4 "grants the village jurisdiction to adopt such an ordinance."

      4.  and this time Carter indicates she wants her and Mark Pfister (a biologist) of the County to meet with the village attorney who will craft the response to the lawsuit.                   Neither Commissioner Carter nor Mr. Pfister is an attorney and this involves a lawsuit over an ordinance.  Neither can provide legal advice.  Carter does not engage a                   county attorney, to which she as a Lake County Commissioner would certainly have access if any of this activity were legal or ethical.  More dirty deals are emerging.

(Highlighted in green) Commissioner Carter reveals she had in her first (4:02pm) send blind-copied herself to her personal email address.  In her subsequent 5:14pm email, Carter then asks for the email string with her personal email address to be forwarded to the village attorney, effectively taking the email conversation off the county email account and over to her personal email account where she can again covertly conduct her dirty business.  Evidence Carter knows what she is doing is wrong and intends to conceal it.  (Personal email accounts are not accessible by FOIA request and cheating politicians know this.  Sneaky political bullshit, especially when financial support for Carter's/the village's illegal ordinance is the topic of discussion in a lawsuit.  Gee, which US Presidential Candidate also has an alleged problem of conducting gov't business on her personal email account where emails have been hidden/deleted?  This is standard operating procedure for cheats in office who don't want others to know how they use gov't power and money entrusted with them.)

Commissioner Carter is off the radar offering up another honey of a deal, this one to make it financially worth the village's while to defend an indefensible lawsuit over an illegal ordinance that the village can't afford to defend, an ordinance that reinforces fraud, an ordinance the village attorney just months earlier advised not to adopt.  The onset of a quid pro quo is likely referenced on that missing email "Page 1", the same page of which the village refuses to provide copy.  Without Carter's financing, why would the village for 2 more years into 2008 continue to unaffordably defend this illegal, ill-advised ordinance that reinforces fraud......one that Round Lake residents at Silver Leaf Glen nearest Wooster Lake in writing wrote they never requested and will never request?  Despite state legislature intervention in 2008 enacting clarification bill HB3441, why else would Round Lake continue to keep illegal ordinance 05-O-27 on the books still 3+ additional years until June 2011, totaling nearly 6 years while never enforcing it?


County Commisioner Carter takes illegal ordinance & lawsuit discussion

                           to her personal email account