April 2016:      The Grant Township Assessor is FOIA'd for updated information pertaining to that Office's documentation of restrictions                                    and assessments of properties on Wooster, Duck, Brandenburg lakes in Grant Township.

April 29, 2016:  Entangled in a web of lies and wrongly assessing these 3 lakes' properties and the hundreds of properties that have legal                                 access to those 3 lakes for many years, the Grant Assessor resorts to more lying, this time contending her Office does not                               rely on restrictive status when assessing value of lake properties.  4-29-2016 FOIA Response

                          This conflicts with multiple documents produced by that Office as recently as 2014 while Jeri Barr was in Office.                                                 This is a 2014 signed chart confirming Jeri Barr knew in 2014 her Office was at least to that date relying on restrictive status.  

                          These4 letters and emails from the Grant Assessor Office in 2014 including some from Grant AssessorJeri Barr herself are                             more evidence this Grant Township Assessor is a compulsive liar and her Office has in fact historically been relying upon and                           will continue to rely upon restrictive status when assessing value of lake properties.

2016:  Grant Township Convinced to Continue Fraud

                     & Flip Flops in FOIA Response

This 2016 flip flop from the Grant Township Assessor also conflicts with her April 2015 letterclaiming "Grant Township Assessor has historically valued the waterfront of Wooster Lake properties as restricted, giving it LOWER LAND VALUES than many of the other lakes in Grant Township, which is an advantage the property owner to the homeowner...."

This mental midget in 2015 was admitting to historically providing tax breaks to so called "restricted" lake property owners, where the IDNR has opined those restrictions are not recognized as valid. There are hundreds of lake owners on quasi-restricted Wooster, Duck, and Brandenburg lakes.  Widespread tax fraud for many years.