May 9, 2014:  The Lake County Sheriff's Dept. writes an email stating the Marine Unit of that Sheriff's Dept. considers Wooster Lake a "wake lake".

                          Lake Co Sheriff states Wooster is a Wake Lake.pdf     

Oct 23, 2013:  The Illinois Department of Natural Resources writes an opinion letter that highlights the State of Illinois has never recognized any valid                                                   special restrictions - including no wake restrictions - on Wooster Lake.   IDNR confirms Wooster has no legal special restrictions.pdf

Jul 23, 2014:  Lake County State's Attorney Office confirms the list of people who received the 10-23-2013 opinion letter from the IDNR, highlighting                                              the IDNR's opinion towards the legal usage of Wooster Lake:  No legal special restrictions.  Associations' leaders are provided copies.

2011 - Today:  Intervention from Attorney Nakon, Lake Co. Sheriff, IDNR,

      & Lake Co SA today goes ignored by liars in Fox Lake & associations

Sep 1, 2011:  Attorney Richard Nakon - the attorney whose name is typed on the cover of the WLCCA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions                                   - writes a letter calling for a "cease and desist" of the dissemination of the forged document, highlighting he never finalized the draft and                                      none of the lake's owners ever signed the document or their properties to the document.  This highlights the fraud where it has been                                              recorded against property deeds.     Attorney Nakon confirms WLCCA DCCR's are a fraud.pdf

Today, 2016:  In addition to Cambridge at Holiday Park Assc. still disseminating 5094179.pdf and V. of Fox Lake disseminating FL ordinance 2001-52                                                  recorded as 4770860.pdf via the Lake Co Recorder of Deeds Office, Tanneron Bay Association by choice disseminates the WLCCA DCCR's.                                            WLCCA DCCRs found at Tanneron Bay website 3-13-2016.pdf      (or cut & paste:  ) 


                      Tanneron Bay Assc. ignores the IDNR's and Sheriff's declared use of the lake as the Tanneron Bay recorded and disseminates its own                                                       Declaration purporting Wooster has restrictions (such as a "shall  not exceed 15mph", "The use of Waverunners and jet skis is expressly                                                 prohibited".  #6925234 has been recorded at the Lake Co Recorder of Deeds Office since Nov 20, 2012 and is still disseminated today.

                      The "Wooster Lake Improvement Association" since March 2, 2007 uses #6145674 to today purport via the Lake County Recorder of                                                       Deeds Office that Wooster Lake has restricted use, despite being notified by the IDNR of the lake's true legal use.