Jun 20, 2011:  The NewsSun reports on V. of Round Lake repealing its illegal reinforcement ordinance over Wooster Lake.   Village adopts repealing ordinance.

Jun 3, 2008:   Attorney author of HB3441 writes to Gov. Blagojevich how "a Lake County Board Member and a Republican ally" are abusing powers of                                                               local gov't against private lakes and explains the mere clarifying nature of HB3441.   (Bonnie Carter is the referenced Lake Co Official)

                        ClausenMillerAttorneyHB3441LetterToGovernor_clarifying illegal efforts on Wooster Lake].pdf

Apr '14 - Apr '15:  Grant Township Assessor's Office first assesses Wooster Lake properties as restricted, thenflip flops its assessment, changing that Office's                               status of the lake properties from restricted to now "no restrictions".  The Lake County State's Attorney confirms the GTA Office is usurping

                              its power and does not have the legal authority to override the recorded titles, declarations, ordinance, etc. filed at the Lake County                                                 Recorder's Office.  The GTA Office is only expanding the issue by not obtaining the necessary declaratory judgment from a judge.


February 2012:  Owners of Wooster confront Fox Lake Mayor Ed Bender's 2001 vote on behalf of Fox Lake ordinance 2001-52 (while a village Trustee).  

                            Bender states: "This was all Bonnie Carter's idea."  "I was just doing what our attorney (Howard Teegan) told us to do (when adopting

                            2001-52 over a decade earlier.)"

Aug 18, 2008:  The 95th Gen. Assembly of the IL Legislature enacts HB3441 into law, clarifying on the face of Article 7 of the Municipal Code                                                                                      that it shall not be used to zone extraterritorally, an act already prohibited by Article 11 of the Code.


Wooster Lake Fish Tales Fox Lake Fraud

Sep 30, 2009:  Attorney author of HB3441 writes to Round Lake informing their 2005 ordinance against Wooster has always been a sham and                                                                                    was never legal.  He advises "The simplest way to deal with an ordinance which was a mistake is to repeal the ordinance."  

                        ClausenMiller cites unlawful ordinance causing vigilante behavior on Wooster.pdf        Senator Cullerton's Office later reconfirms HB3441 was a

                        "minor clarification issue" and "was not written to infringe on the (existing) jurisdiction of municipalities..."

Nov 14, 2005:   An attorney opines in a letter that the RL ordinance solicited by Lake Co Board Member Bonnie Carter is "invalid" , highlighting                                                 lack of jurisdiction and lack of prior notification, a blatant violation of due process and the 14th Am. of the US Constitution.

Mar 7, 2007:   Health Department Directors Mark Pfister and Michael Adam prove themselves liars, claimingthey prefer homeowners resolve differences                               on Wooster Lake.  The truth is they prioritized reinforcing fraud via a new ordinance while derailing a homeowners compromise in 2005.

Apr 3, 2006:    V. of Round Lake admits in Executive Minutes a court may rule the village did not have jurisdictional authority to adopt any special                                                             regulations against Wooster.  Admitted by the Village officials is the village did not provide prior notification to the lake's legal owners.                                                     A court never rules on the ordinance, however, as IL legislators get the law suit dropped in 2008 to make way for clarification bill HB3441.

2006 - 2015:  Acts of guilt from Round Lake, Fox Lake, & Grant Township;

                       State of Illinois begins to intervene