Sep 6, 2005:   While on record at Round Lake, Bonnie Carter reveals her need for the new ordinance: to reinforce the fraud she knows is already

                        occurring at area developments, stating: "It's important to know too that the residents of Silver Leaf Glen and the residents that bought

                       in at Holiday Park development all bought in with the (DCCR) covenants knowing that it was a no wake lake......They bought into it.  They

                       knew when they went there."          Transcript of audio from 9_6_2005 RL meeting _BTC.pdf

Jul-Sep 2, 2005:  Instead of working to remove the fraud exposed by attorney Richard Nakon and Thaddeus Kochanny, Bonnie Carter solicits Fox Lake attorney Howard                                Teegan and Lake Co Lakes Mgmt Director Mark Pfister to reinforce the fraud.  Mark Pfister - a biologist without a legal degree - faxes state statutes                                    and his draft of a new ordinance, providing a (false) legal opinion about villages' authority over lakes to Carter and Teegan.  Teegan then solicits Round                              Lake attorney James Magee with that same (false) legal opinion, requesting for Round Lake to join in on the unlawful scheme.

2005:  More Local Gov't Corrupted; Reinforcement of Fraud

Sep 6, 2005:    Tanneron Bay Association writes a letter promising to pay for the Sheriff to enforce the new, illegal reinforcement ordinance.                                                            The Village of Round Lake attorney James Magee in a letter to his client (V. of RL) states he disagrees with Teegan's opinion about authority                                  over the lake, and advises his client to not to adopt the new ordinance.  

     ** Quid Pro Quo, Bullied, or BOTH? **  The V. of Round Lake disregards its own attorney's advice and adopts illegal ordinance  05-O-27 Sep 6 2005.pdf​ 

Feb 14, 2006:  Penny Cummings of Tanneron Bay & Peggy Trelford of the WLCCA solicit Fox Lake officials, citing they too want FL to reinforce  the

                        WLCCA DCCR's recorded against Holiday Park titles and about lake properties.  I.e. they want Fox Lake also to reinforce the fraud.  

                        Cummings references how she knows all about the historical involvement of Fox Lake, Grant Township, and Lake County to perpetrate

                        this historical fraud and thanks them for it.   Feb 14 2006 FL Minutes Cummings & Trelford naming Grant Twsp, Lake Co, and FL involvement in fraud.pdf

Sep 7, 2005:    Bonnie Carter brags about covertly obtaining the (illegal) ordinance and solicits Fox Lake again to also to join in and reinforce the fraud.                                                                      BTC email to V. Fox Lake Sep 7, 2005.pdf

                         On 9/13/'15, Carter provides the same false legal opinionat a Fox Lake village meeting for a new ordinance.

Dec 2, 2005:   Clausen Miller attorney writes to villages about the illegality of 05-O-27 adopted against Wooster, citing state statutes which already                                                                      prohibit this type of zoning against private properties and owners' rights.  The attorney details the villages' lack of jurisdictional authority

                        over Wooster Lake.   Clausen Miller Attorneys opine Wooster Lake ordinance is unlawful 12_2_05.pdf

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