Aug 28, 2001:  The Village of Fox Lake was convinced to adopt ordinance 2001-52 requiring a developer to insert the Wooster Lake                                                    covenants and restrictions into the Cambridge at Holiday Park's Declaration for future recording at Lake County Recorder's                                        Office.   2001-52 itself was recorded October 1, 2001.

                                       4770860 2001-52 ordinance for restrictions.pdf

Oct 5, 2001:  4 Days after 2001-52's recording, the developer faxes Fox Lake attorney Howard Teegan with a draft copy of the development's                                         future Declaration for recording.  As an exhibit, it includes an unsigned-by-anyone copy of the WLCCA DCCR's.  The developer did                                       exactly as was required of him by the Village of Fox Lake's ordinance.

                                      Cambridge attorneys' 10_5_2001 insertion of WLCCA DCCRs into Cambridge Declaration.pdf

RESULT:  This is the beginning of some restrictive-usage property titles being filed at the Recorder's Office and many buyers buying into them.  This while the majority of Wooster Lake property titles do not have filed any such purported restrictive-usage.  I.e. Some lake-access titles claiming restrictions, most lake titles not claiming restrictions.....on the same lake.  By the fraudsters' design, this promotes user-conflict, harassment, and slander of recreationists and their properties.

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2001 - 2003:  Local Governments Corrupted and Initiate in Fraud;

                       Fraud Exposed in May 2005


May 19, 2005:  Tanneron Bay resident and WLCCA Officer Thaddeus Kochanny in an email to TB President Penny Cummings and Bonnie Carter                                       informs that attorney Richard J. Nakon has confirmed the WLCCA DCCR's are a fraud: "paper machet fiction" to be exact.  This exposes the                              fraud particularly as these DCCR's are recorded against every deed of property in the new development at Holiday Park.  Tanneron Bay                                      President Penny Cummings responds unsurprised and acknowledges some already know the DCCR's are phony but nonetheless the                                          restrictions must be adhered to, in her opinion.

Jan 13, 2003:  The developer completes his compliance with Fox Lake's ordinance and records #5094179, a Declaration for Cambridge at Holiday                                    Park which contains WLCCA Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCR's) that are again unsigned by anyone.                                       #5094179 continues to be disseminated today from the Lake County Recorder of Deeds, where 100's of buyers of property at this                                       development presume they are valid when they purchase property.    Cambridge at HP Declaration 1_13_03 5094179.pdf