Mar 19, 2000:  WLCCA Officers are recorded in Minutes bragging about perpetrating the restrictions against real estate in area developments

                        "(President) Ken Calvert explained when Tanneron Bay was being developed, our association provided our Covenants to the builders so

                         that the condominiums were sold understanding the regulations."

                        "(Treasurer) Gerry Stimpson stated, as a group, we try to have representation at meetings and we will provide our Covenants to the

                         Cambridge Homes Holiday Park Development.....The only way we could legally enforce anything is to have every bottom owner write

                         into their deed that they accept the Covenants.  We were only able to get 2 to lake bottom owners to sign an agreement to abide by the

                         covenants.  There is no way we would get  (the required)100%  of the  owners to add it to their deeds."

                        "(Vice President) Joe Stupar provided the Covenants to the Cambridge Homes on 3/23/2000."     WLCCA Minutes 3_19_00.pdf

Nov 27, 1994:  The voluntary association the "Wooster Lake Conservation & Control Association" (WLCCA) is resurrected by a few individuals after

                          being dissolved for decades by the State of Illinois.   WLCCA Minutes Nov 27 1994.pdf

1994 - 1999:  THE ORIGIN OF FRAUD

 (Fraud admitted by WLCCA President in 2006)

Jan  8, 1995:  WLCCA Officers admit in their own minutes they intend to use the association to deceive and defraud incoming buyers of property.  Vice

                        President Gerry Stimpson states: "The rest of the meeting was spent in general discussion about rules we want to govern Wooster lake.

                        We need to get this done in order to present them to Lake County Zoning or real estate agents so they may be included in the covenants

                        of any developer or land owner selling...."    WLCCA Minuts Jan 8 1995.pdf

Sep 15, 1995  WLCCA Vice Pres. Gerry Stimpson solicits Lake Co. Building & Zoning for restrictive use, claiming she obtained "written documentation"                                                                           about such restrictions and wants them documented at the County against real estate.  Continuing, Stimpson states:

                       "Wooster Lake is a privately-owned body of water with each property owner fronting the lake owning shares of the lake was

                        recommended at our meeting last November thtat the County have written documentation.  Through the efforts of  these homeowners,                                                                             the association has proposed the enclosed covenants.  We are hopeful that these covenants will be addressed by the developer of

                        Lakeside Woods (now known as Tanneron Bay) as part of their Homeowners Covenants & Restrictions."  WLCCA VP Stimpson Sep 15, 1995 letter to LCPBZ.pdf

Nov 15, 2006:  The WLCCA President Dave Bond in recorded minutes provides quotes of WLCCA Officers & Members over the years, highlighting the

                         WLCCA DCCR's are a"fraud and deception perpetrated on associations and on villages."    WLCCA Minutes labeled 11_16_2006.pdf