IDNR Attorney opines in 3 emails the municipal ordinances adopted to restrict boating on Wooster Lake ARE NOT VALID.

IDNR Captain opines no legal special-restrictions have ever existed on Wooster Lake.


Through 2015, the Grant Township Assessor Office assessed properties on Wooster, Duck, and Brandenburg lakes as "restricted" while the Illinois Department of Natural Resources does not recognize any of the 3 lakes as restricted.  None of these 3 lakes are listed as restricted on the official IDNR-restricted-list.

** Wooster Lake owner of 3 Wooster Lake properties highlights he was defrauded with phony restrictions placed against his property titles. **

"It's not a lie as long as you believe it."

                    -George Costanza (of "Seinfeld")


Attorneys publish knowledge it is a CRIMINAL offense in Illinois to unlawfully cloud or encumber property titles.

This Illinois statutehighlights this "clouding of property" crime is a:

* Class A Misdemeanor for damages less than $10k

         -  Small Claims judge in 2014 awards over $4k for allegations including clouding of property on Wooster Lake

* Class 4 Felony for multiple offenses or for damages greater than $10k

         -  There are nearly 3 dozen more lake properties of Wooster Lake!

Illinois legislature enacts a July-2013 law because crooks filing fraudulent recordings at Illinois Recorders' Offices is a "rapidly growing problem"  in Illinois.

- A TRUE CONSPIRACY with deal-cutting, serial liars in public offices in Lake County, Illinois, recording falsified information 

on titles filed in the Recorder's Office, abusing local gov't power, & defrauding their own constituents​.....without being

prosecuted.  Click the red navigation links in the middle and bottom of each page to see how the cheats get away with it.

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